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Our Investments

We  mainly invest in profitable, fast-growing businesses driven by domestic demand, which benefit from the large, young, aspirational population and rapidly growing middle class across the region

We excel at working with founders and management teams to solve problems, whether it be complex funding needs, the challenges of generational change and succession planning, or specific operational issues. We also work closely with companies to identify new growth opportunities, including new products, channels, and markets, brand and marketing strategy and implementation, add-on acquisitions to build scale, and digitalization.

Our investments usually align with one or more of our 6 Long-Term Themes and fall into our 8 Target Sectors, but we are always happy to look at opportunities that may not fit neatly into these categories.

We prefer to make significant investments in mid-market companies (typically, enterprise values from US$50 million to US$150 million), though we will also selectively review smaller opportunities and can access significant co-investment capital for larger businesses.

While we always welcome the opportunity to review new opportunities, we primarily source our investments through our own research, identifying the most attractive sub-sectors and companies and building relationships with their owners and management teams—in some cases years before making an investment.

F&B + Lifestyle


Healthcare + Wellness


Logistics + Distribution


Financial Services

Other Domestic Demand + Manufacturing

Target Sectors

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